MIT program

College du Leman is aiming to give the opportunity to the students of its community to actively interact with the extracurricular program on offer. A Mentor in Training will mainly do the same activity as a coach but his/her duties will be coordinated and supervised by the teacher.

A range of activities is available to stimulate and encourage Secondary students to interact and support younger children (usually Primary and Pre-schooler) during the supervision and progression of their activity. During this experience within the extracurricular activities, students from Grades 7 to 12 and the IB diploma will be offered the opportunity to help with the coordination of the extracurricular program. By doing this responsibly, they can increase their awareness and obtain Responsible Citizenship hours for REACH and Service hours for CAS or simply contribute to the well-being of the community.

Students enrolling will be periodically evaluated and they will be required to attend occasional meetings with the Extracurricular Manager. Students will be expected to sign up and help run some of these activities for a minimum of one marking period.

The registration form for the MIT program is available here