Performing Arts


English spoken

A new and exciting ballet programme has arrived to CdL, with qualified experienced dance teachers from an international background. It has been developed to address all the needs of the international students in continuing their ballet education or those starting new to ballet.

Ballet improves posture, general health and coordination whilst giving the opportunity of expression and communication through music and movement. As in music, classical ballet is the basis for all other dance forms and some sports: hip hop, jazz, contemporary, tap, rhythmic gymnastics, ice skating etc.

Yearly Fee: 480.00 CHF (Three invoices of 160.00 CHF for each period)



English and French spoken

The general aim of this lesson is to learn to play modern music in the context of a band. There are two main guidelines to this lesson: skills and creativity. The skills part focuses on covering existing musical ideas, such as Bowie, AC/DC, Coldplay or Bruno Mars, and the list could go on forever! The creativity part centers on creating the very own material of the students, helping to develop their musical and lyrical ideas. The training provided is: singing, electric and folk guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards/synths.

Students must bring their own instrument, a tuner and a folder to organize the material.

Yearly Fee: .660 CHF     (Three invoices of 220.00 CHF for each period)



English spoken

Students will explore a variety of techniques to develop their strength, giving them the tools to choreograph and express themselves in their own personal styles.

Yearly Fee: 390.00 CHF (Three invoices of 130.00 CHF for each period)


DRAMA – Grades 6-12

English and French spoken

Your child will learn how to express in a creative way and develop confidence in performing publicly in a safe and fun environment! Following the continued success of Les Mis and Frankenstein, the Middle/High School Drama Club gives an opportunity for students to participate in live performance of high quality. The weekly session is co-led by two experienced bilingual drama teachers, who work with a dynamic group of young actors to develop skills in an ensemble way.

Students who sign up to Drama Club are committed to a public performance which will take place during marking period three. Registration for the year preferably takes place in marking period 1, with the play being cast in December. Students must be prepared to learn lines, and as in professional theatre rehearsals, may on occasion, be required to wait patiently for their turn on stage. Students must be available to attend two Saturday rehearsals and perform on 2-3 after school shows in April (dates to be confirmed in September).

We are keen to encourage French speakers to participate as our shows reflect the bilingual nature of the school.

Yearly Fee: 540.00 CHF (Three invoices of 180.00 CHF for each period)



Includes five 30 mins private lessons per term

Minimum 8 students

English and French spoken

This course is an opportunity for all flute players that are beginner or advanced level to put in practice their knowledge of this instrument. This new activity aims to organize ensemble playing around the flute utilizing the whole family of instruments from piccolo (the smallest of the family) to bass flute. In the recent years, this kind of ensemble has become very popular and several groups of this kind are even active in the Geneva area.

The repertoire is very diverse, starting from classics, pop, rock, jazz hits, swing and many original pieces for flute ensemble. Even if students have limited knowledge of flute, orchestra sessions are complemented by a half hour individual flute lesson twice a month to brush up on technique and to give tips for a better integration in a group for a more complete musical experience.

A commitment of one year is strongly recommended to build a solid ensemble.

Yearly Fee: 1’350.00 CHF (Three invoices of 450.00 CHF for each period)


HIP-HOP – Grades 6-12

English and French spoken

This course will make it possible for each one to be initiated with the basic techniques of Hip Hop dance, and in addition, to acquire the rhythmic and musical senses. The students will learn the basic movements while carrying out choreographies. The goal is that the students express their personality by adapting the learned movements.

These courses are intended to girls as well as to boys.

Yearly Fee: 480.00 CHF (Three invoices of 160.00 CHF for each period)


HONOR WIND BAND – Grades 6-12

English and French spoken

The Honor Wind Band aims to develop the skills and techniques of playing woodwind, brass and percussion. A wide selection of music is covered from film music, pop, classical and folk. On several occasions throughout the year, wind players will join with the String Orchestra to have a full symphonic experience. Wind players should be at least grade 2/3 Associated Board standard and will be accepted by audition only. Students will perform in the regular CdL concerts and Graduation. Pianists may be interested in becoming percussion players.

Yearly Fee: 540.00 CHF (Three invoices of 180.00 CHF for each period)



English and French spoken

Students will follow a fully differentiated keyboard course, modelled on that which is currently taught in Middle School / Premier Cycle Music lessons. The course has 35 levels of difficulty and is based on a varied repertoire. Students who successfully complete the course will continue their studies using the published Trinity School of Music Curriculum.

At the end of the course, students will be able to play 2 octaves of notation on the treble stave; add left hand chords; use the functions of the keyboard, including programming it with an accompaniment; improvise over a chord pattern; perform in front of an audience; perform in ensemble.

To make optimum progress, it is advised that students have a keyboard at home on which to practise. (Mrs Charles can supply details of suitable keyboards)

Yearly Fee: 510.00 CHF (Three invoices of 170.00 CHF for each period)



English spoken

The Middle School Choir continues to develop and expand on the elements of choral singing introduced in the Primary School Choir. Body posture, tone production, note and rhythm reading, ensemble skills, and developing technique and interpretation are the fundamentals of this course. Students are voice tested in the first few weeks.

Yearly Fee: 540.00 CHF (Three invoices of 180.00 CHF for each period)


NOT THE ROCK BAND – Grades 9-12

English and French spoken

This is a platform and opportunity for those students not necessarily interested in rock music, but sing or play an instrument. It could also be an opportunity for composition where students who write their own songs would have the chance to work on them, try them out and learn a few tips along the way.

SOA Rocks has become an annual event but all types of music are performed at this concert so it will provide an objective to work for as well.

Yearly Fee: 660.00 CHF     (Three invoices of 220.00 CHF for each period)



English and French spoken

This is a string instrument ensemble for intermediate string players who are currently taking private lessons. The goal of this group is to learn the finer points of ensemble playing in a friendly and supportive environment. Students in this ensemble should be prepared to perform 2-3 times per year and have some additional rehearsals on the weekend before performances. Students who are interested in joining the ensemble should contact the instructor to arrange an audition.

Yearly Fee: 540.00 CHF     (Three invoices of 180.00 CHF for each period)



Minimum 5 students

English and French spoken

We are delighted to introduce a new violin group option which has been purposely designed for students who have acquired a knowledge in primary school to further develop their skills, enhancing their stimulation and motivational spirits as a group as opposed to a one to one with the tutor. This course explores and optimizes each student’s progress as well as sharing their own enthusiasm. The class will run with a comprehensive 5 students per class being the maximum (& minimum). Our popular experienced violin teachers will be leading it.

A cost adjustment will not be considered in the event of an absence due to the tailored program of the course.

Yearly Fee: 600.00 CHF (Three invoices of 200.00 CHF for each period)



English and French spoken

The Beginner Wind Band is addressed from grade 6 to grade 12 students. In addition to studying the strings at the school, we propose to you to start the other family of orchestral instruments; Wind instruments. The program is designed for collective practice. It will be an opportunity for everyone to begin studying a wind instrument or percussion while quickly learning to play the songs and ensemble music.

Yearly Fee: 510.00 CHF (Three invoices of 170.00 CHF for each period)