3D ILLUSION DRAWING – Grades  6-12

English and French spoken

This is an entertaining activity where students learn innovative drawing techniques in order to create 3D optical illusions. Specific activities will be provided for beginners, in which they will learn how perspective works and how to use shading to enhance the impression of volume in their drawings. More advanced students will have the opportunity to improve their drawing skills using concepts and tricks covered in this course and eventually work on their own drawing projects. The illusion of a 3D object is created when the drawing is photographed at a specific angle, so the students will be introduced to work looking at a tablet, camera or cellphone screen instead of looking directly at their drawing.

Yearly Fee: 360.00 CHF (Three invoices of 120.00 CHF for each period)



COMPUTER CLUB – Grades 6-12

English and French spoken

The High School Computer Club is intended for students who want to discover how to install alternative operating systems and understand the utility of having something else than Windows or MacOS.

Students will also have access to a server and be presented with hardware capabilities of such a machine and concepts like failover, hard disk arrays and many other features. Students will have to create a virtual infrastructure to test server interaction and access. The second part will be dedicated to the deployment and management of a CMS or content management system website. Frontend and backend administration, template adjustment and module addition will be covered.

Yearly Fee: 390.00 CHF (Three invoices of 130.00 CHF for each period)



English and French spoken

This is an interactive and dynamic course that teaches relaxation and mindful techniques in a way which engages teenaged minds. Typically each class includes a brief presentation by the teacher with the help of lively visuals, games, practical exercises and demonstrations that are relevant to their lives. Exercises include breathing work, light movements, visualizations and meditations.

For many students the course can lead to immediate and striking results: they feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled; they can concentrate better; they have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety. Students are encouraged to practice the exercises at home with the help of a booklet and audio recordings of the exercises.

For testimonials from past students, please go to and view the testimonial video.

Yearly Fee: 540.00 CHF (Three invoices of 180.00 CHF for each period)



English and French spoken

« SHARING EARLY THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET ». innov-Entrepreneurs offers students a unique blend of education, fun, interactive, experience sharing, hands-on workshop, focusing on strengthening their entrepreneurial mindset and creativity. Participants will have an overall view of an entrepreneurial project of which they will be the initiators, and will be coached from A to Z from development to launch: brainstorming, value proposition, business model, pitch.
They will also find an increased motivation for school. Indeed, they will understand better the interest of academic content of subjects taught at school (maths, computer, economics, etc.) as they will apply them concretely in their personal project.

Led by a professor of entrepreneurship at HEC, but also experts and entrepreneurs who will share their experiences, students will learn the simplified fundamental tools they need to start later their own business or to succeed in the implementation of any kind of project, becoming true innovators and leaders of their generation. Students following the three terms will benefit from the full program and develop their own project, those who arrive during the year will have to integrate a team and a project already in development. The best projects will be presented at the end of the school year.

More information on

Yearly Fee: 1200.00 CHF (Three invoices of 400.00 CHF for each period)



English and French spoken

Discover the wonderful world of illusionism! The magician trains himself to create illusions: he makes various objects appear and disappear, he defies gravity, transforms materials, reads minds and can see in the future. Thanks to his shrewdness, skill and dexterity, the magician creates a situation in which his trick becomes amazing and gives the impression that a mystery has just happened before our eyes.

The young magicians learn magic tricks, but also techniques and presentation secrets. The magic classes are not only an entertainment allowing them to impress their family and friends but most importantly lessons of dexterity, psychology, open-mindedness and creativity. They are also an excellent way of overcoming one’s shyness and feeling comfortable in front of an audience.

Yearly Fee: 600.00 CHF (Three invoices of 200.00 CHF for each period)


MUSIC DJ MIX – Grades 6-12

English and French spoken

This activity is dedicated to students who would like to start practicing DJ mix. As a beginner, the student will learn everything he/she needs to know to be a good DJ from equipment to mixing technics.

The students will learn how to mix music (house, electro, hip hop) with the use of a specific deck which will introduce them to the DJ world.

Students must be equipped with their own laptop and headset.

Yearly Fee: 900.00 CHF (Three invoices of 300.00 CHF for each period)


PHOTOGRAPHY – Grades 6-12

English spoken

Photography is an introductory course that will explore compositional themes and techniques to effectively use photography as a story-telling medium. Students will examine visual composition and concepts typically used by painters to develop the eye of an artist. Following instructions, students will be expected to photograph their environment with a specific focus on the concept of the week and then engage in constructive criticism of student work. The course will terminate with an exhibit of top photos from each student.

Yearly Fee: 570.00 CHF (Three invoices of 190.00 CHF for each period)


SCULPTURE – Grades 6-12

English spoken

Sculpture Beginner
This course is intended for those studying ceramics for the first time –or have less than one year experience and this is a comprehensive introduction to the craft of clay working. Students will be shown techniques for centering the clay, forming bowls cylinders, working on symmetry and figurative shapes. Texturing and coloring with clay slips and glazes is an important part of the course as students see their work transformed. The main emphasis of the course is in a safe, fun environment, to learn how to manipulate clay and make objects that build on one’s ability to create expressive, three dimensional forms in clay.

Sculpture Intermediate
This is a ceramics course for students who already have experience working with clay and consider themselves to have intermediate or better levels of skill. A year of previous clay working experience is required. This course will focus on hand-building, clay slab construction which can be abstract or figurative. Glazing and decorating processes, alternative firing techniques and ceramic technology will be introduced, as well as artistic concepts and design principles relevant to artistic expression in the ceramic medium. It will be encouraged that students refer to historical and contemporary ceramic works and artists to find inspiration for their projects.

Yearly Fee: 390.00 CHF (Three invoices of 130.00 CHF for each period)


SURREALISM – Grades 6-12

French and English spoken

Imagination has no boundaries in this activity. Let the creativity of your child flow on the canvas or paper using various style such as metaphorical, satire or symbolic. Students will not only learn how to turn their ideas into a thought provoking painting or drawing, but also improve their technical skills.

Yearly Fee: 450.00 CHF (Three invoices of 150.00 CHF for each period)


WOODCRAFTING – Grades 6-12

French and English spoken

Your child wants to discover a new activity that will allow him/her to use the head and hands at the same time? With wood you can do everything; there are no limits as to what you can achieve with even the most even basic tools. Throughout the year, your child will learn how to build his/her own games with wood by cutting, drilling and sanding. Your child will develop an expertise that will serve him/her all life by collaborating with other students.

For safety and pedagogy reasons, only manual tools will be used in the workshop.
This activity creates opportunities and growth with the pleasure of working with wood; being able to repair a piece of wood which belongs to you already whether it be a statue, a personalized box for example as oppose to purchasing something new to replace it. Also, what about making something to offer as a gift?

Do not hesitate to come with your own ideas or projects. We can make them happen together!

Yearly Fee: 360.00 CHF (Three invoices of 120.00 CHF for each period)

YOGA – Grades 6-12

French and English spoken

Yoga strengthens muscles, leads to harmonious body development, improves endurance and helps to channel the energy we spend. Yoga makes us aware of the importance of breathing by synchronizing breath and movement. It teaches us to communicate, to help each other and to share experiences.

Yoga contributes to improving attention, concentration and memorization. It affirms our personality, fosters relationships with others and promotes a healthy spirit of competition.

Yearly Fee: 495.00 CHF (Three invoices of 165.00 CHF for each period)