ESL JUMP START COURSE – Grades 6-12 (Marking Period 1)

English spoken

From 04.09 to 13.11

Jump Start is a fun English course which will allow students at beginner level to improve their communication skills outside the classroom. This course will teach students basic yet important phrases needed to help them as they settle into a new school and environment. They will acquire the language through activities, games and songs. Not only will this help the students improve their English and confidence, but enable them to integrate more easily into life in an international school.

Period Fee: 200.00 CHF



English and French spoken

This program will focus on quality academic instruction. Conditions to ensure quality include: class ratios of 5 – 9 students per teacher, qualified teaching staff, an environment conducive to learning and additional work provided by the teacher when necessary. A performance indicator on preparation and engagement can be emailed when requested. Students need to bring actual homework or work given in class, in order to maximize progress for the student. Students are expected to be engaged in academic work during this time.

Subjects: maths, physics, biology, chemistry and sciences.

1 day/week:
For each period 300.00 CHF
Yearly 900.00 CHF

2 days/week:
For each period 600.00 CHF
Yearly 1’800.00 CHF



Minimum 5 students

Available for German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese

This course is designed for students who are fluent in their mother tongue. It focuses on literacy, with a goal to develop and improve students’ skills and knowledge of their home language and culture, through a variety of resources.
The class offers a strong foundation for students willing to join the I.B language “ A Self-Taught program in their mother tongue.”

If a class could not open due to the lack of participants, you may contact Mr. Calvini to discuss a further arrangment.

Yearly Fee: 900.00 CHF (Three invoices of 300.00 CHF for each period)


PREPARATION SAT Exam– Grades 10-11

English spoken

From 06.09 to 04.10 & 14.03 to 02.05

With proven, score-raising strategies taught by our most experienced SAT prep teacher, this course gives everything the students need to achieve the best score. The course is in two parts, each with two real College Board practice tests and we strongly recommend attendance of both courses to achieve the maximum score.

This course is for Grade 10 – 11 (IB1 or première year) students who are considering admissions to:

Universities in U.S. (all students), Canada & Japan
European countries: Check individual universities for information. Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) requires the SAT test from High School Diploma applicants.
UK Foundation, International Year One, or bachelor courses.

Please find the detail of the two parts of this course (both are recommended):

Part 1: Classes every Wednesday 6/9 – 4/10 – 16h15 to 18h45
Practice tests: Saturday 9/9 & Saturday 23/9

Part 2: Classes every Wednesday 14/3 – 02/05 – 16h15 to 18h45
Practice tests: Saturday 17/3 & Saturday 21/4

Period Fee: 400.00 CHF per module