Through weekly coaching sessions, the goal is to tone up your body, lose weight, improve your stamina or sculpt your body to the way you want it. The instructor will guide and accompany you throughout your physical improvements.

2 possibilities:

  • Individual courses.
  • Or group lessons for 2 to 5 students. These group classes are more playful, set with music, and target the gluteal and abdominal muscles.

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The usual terms and conditions apply (see Private lessons – Prices, terms and conditions)

However, due to the specific nature of group lessons, we invite you to find below a few special policies for group lessons only:

  • Registration: the lessons will only start once we have received a registration form for each student involved
  • Exceptional absence of one student of the group: if the lesson is maintained for the other students, it will be billed as usual. No price adjustment can be done to compensate the absence. In case the whole group cancels one lesson, as long as the usual cancellation period is respected (extracurricular department informed more than 6 hours before the lesson), the lesson will not be billed.
  • Permanent cancellation of one student: the parents/guardian from the other students of the group will be informed by the extracurricular department. They will be informed of the price adjustment and will have to confirm their wish to continue. The lessons will be suspended until we receive the confirmations from all parents/guardians concerned.