Available in English or in French

This program will focus on quality academic instruction. Conditions to ensure quality include: class ratios of 5-9 students per teacher, qualified teaching staff, an environment conducive to learning and additional work provided by the teacher when necessary. A performance indicator on preparation and engagement can be emailed when requested. Students need to bring actual homework or work given in class in order to maximize the progress. Students are expected to be engaged in academic work during this time.

Yearly fee 1 day/week: 750.00 CHF (250.00 CHF for each period)

Yearly fee 2 days/week: 1’500.00 CHF (500.00 CHF for each period)

Yearly fee 3 days/week: 2’250.00 CHF (750.00 CHF for each period)

Yearly fee 4 days/week: 3’000.00 CHF (1’000.00 CHF for each period)



Mother tongue Italian

This course is available to all students holding Italian Passports.

Yearly Fee: Free



Minimum 5 students

Available for Arabic, German and Spanish

This course is designed for students who are fluent in their mother tongue. It focuses on literacy, with a goal to develop and improve students’ skills and knowledge of their home language and culture, through a variety of resources.

If a class could not open due to the lack of participants, you may contact Mr Calvini to discuss a further arrangement.

Yearly Fee: 780.00 CHF (Three invoices of 260.00 CHF for each period)



SWEDISH CLASS – Grades 1-5

Swedish spoken

The Swedish Supplementary School is for students who want to deepen their knowledge of the Swedish language. The aim is to give students who are living abroad the opportunity to become multilingual. The teaching follows the Swedish curriculum and is conducted in small groups by professional and dedicated teachers.

The language is a carrier of culture and has great significance for personal identity and understanding of the outside world. The education aims to stimulate pupils interests in speaking, understanding, reading and writing in Swedish. During the lessons, students also learn about the language structure and develop their knowledge of Swedish culture, nature as well as society.

Fees: to deal directly with the Svenska Skolan