Gymnastics PS2-PS3

Maximum 14 students

English and French spoken

In gymnastics, students acknowledge and practice various ranges of activities aiming to provide and develop their motor skills. This activity is majorly recreational and encourages students to work in team as well as by themselves.

Yearly Fee: 750.00 CHF (Three invoices of 250.00 CHF for each period)


Horseback Riding PS2-PS3

Maximum 15 students

English and French spoken

At a young age, the child can already develop listening skills and self-confidence with animals. The lesson will focus on the sensitivity and responsibility of the child in the relationship with animals. The activity consists in familiarizing with the pony, learning basic skills and grooming activities. Safety is a priority therefore the usage of helmet and safety jacket is mandatory at all times during the activity.

Yearly Fee: 1050.00 CHF (Three invoices of 350.00 CHF for each period)


Judo PS2-PS3

Maximum 16 students

English and French spoken

Judo is perfect for young children. It helps them improve their body-eye coordination through the exploration of various basic and preparatory judo techniques done either alone or in collaboration with a partner. As a result the judo pupil’s motor skills are fine-tuned, naturally. Also through practical means, the benefits of self-discipline are physically demonstrated and understood in a non-verbal manner. The child’s mother tongue is immaterial as the language of judo is universal.

All judo pupils share multiple opportunities for social interaction and social integration which together lead to a significant jump in their self-confidence, and many improvements in their interpersonal skills. These and other invaluable qualities are learnt in a particular fun and pedagogical manner in this sport.

Kimono compulsory (Either provide your own, or 45.00 CHF to arrange with the teacher directly).

Yearly Fee: 780.00 CHF (Three invoices of 260.00 CHF for each period)


Sports Discovery PS2-PS3

Maximum 15 students

English spoken

This activity introduces a wide variety of fun, engaging sports and games run by a fully qualified physical educator. We are careful to ensure that pupils are challenged in all aspects of sports: agility, balance, coordination, team work and individual creativity.

We kindly inform you that the activity might be affected by situations beyond our control such as the weather; we reserve the right to cancel the activity for safety reasons.

Yearly Fee: 750.00 CHF (Three invoices of 250.00 CHF for each period)


Swimming PS1-PS3

English and French spoken

The purpose of this activity is to familiarize children with the aquatic environment, to provide basic lessons for beginners and advanced lessons for the more proficients. Learning takes place with appropriate training accessories (noodles, kickboards, mats) to make it more interactive.
Courses are held in swimming pools of various depths (from 0.8m to 2m).

For more information about the different levels, we invite you to read the “Swimming” paragraph of the Primary students’ section.

Due to the swimming pool’s calendar, some lessons may be cancelled. You will be informed by the Extracurricular Department.

Yearly Fee: 1’230.00 CHF (Three invoices of 410.00 CHF for each period)


Tennis PS2-PS3

Maximum 12 students

English and French spoken

For children who want to learn the basics of tennis in a fun atmosphere, this is a fun-filled introduction to tennis, using eye-hand and motor skills games and activities. Beach balls, foam tennis balls, and other teaching aids are used. The group size is limited to 4 students and the class lasts for 30 minutes. Children need to provide their own tennis racquet (19-21 inches).

Yearly Fee: 750.00 CHF (Three invoices of 250.00 CHF for each period)