Terms and conditions


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Parents wishing to enrol their children should complete a registration form electronically on extracurricular.cdl.ch. All the extracurricular registrations will be available from August 1st and remain open all year long. Please note that no registration will be accepted prior to this date.
If demand exceeds the number of places available, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Activities may require a minimum number of students; the Extracurricular Department reserves the right to cancel any activity if the minimum requirements are not satisfied.


Please note that the Extracurricular activities will start on Monday, September 4th 2017.
The last day of the Extracurricular activities will be on Friday, June 22nd 2018.

Number of lessons:

The yearly fees quoted for any activity are based on the student receiving 30 sessions per academic year and are divided into three termly charges. This does not necessarily mean that your child will receive ten sessions per term due to the varying length of terms (for instance they may have 12 lessons during one term and 8 during the next). If any activity is missed due to the teacher’s unavailability, the course will be replaced by a substitute teacher or a cost adjustment will be made at the end of the academic year, if the 30 sessions are not reached.

Notice of cancellation:

Subscription to most activities are for the whole year, but you can cancel the registration at any time by sending an e-mail to extracurricular@cdl.ch. When cancelling, please note that you are liable to be charged the full term’s fees. If registration is cancelled due to the student’s poor behaviour, no refund will be issued.


Billing will be carried out at the end of each term. If you sign up to an activity during the period, you will be invoiced the appropriate percentage.

Student absences:

Should your child be absent from an activity, kindly notify the Extracurricular Department. Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for missed classes.

Unavoidable cancellations:

There may be times when the Extracurricular activities are affected by situations beyond our control, such as the weather; we reserve the right to cancel the activity for safety reasons.

Changing rooms and valuables:

Please ensure that students leave all of their valuables in a personal school locker or that they bring a small lock for the lockers in the changing room. All sports clothes left in the changing rooms will be put in a lost and found box. Unclaimed items will be given to the Red Cross. Please assist by keeping the changing rooms clean, tidy and secure. Unfortunately the school cannot accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items.