Tennis for Preschool –  4 to 5 years old

This workshop has the objective to introduce the world of tennis, as well as familiarizing with raquettes and balls. Children will improve their motor skills and coordination through games and activities.

Tennis for Primary –  6 to 10 years old

The objective of this workshop is to allow pupils to begin and aquire all the basics techniques of tennis; the good hold of the raquette, the good tilt before hitting the ball, ranges of hits, as well as body positioning. Pupils will mostly play with red and oranges balls which will enable a higher control on an intermediate field. At the end of the week, students will be able to make exchanges comfortably.

Tennis progression Middle school – 11 to 14 years old

Students will practice in depth the various aspects of tennis: tactics (moving the opponent, playing in the empty space, holding the exchange as long as possible without making mistakes, small games with green balls to learn to count points), physical movements, motivation and self-esteem. Participants will learn how to make services and climb to the net.

Tennis perfectioning High school – 15 to 18 years old ( Private lessons only)

This course will allows players to work on their weaknesses and reinforce their strenghts on all fields, learning or improving their techniques, physical and mental tactics. Exercises are set up to allow each player to get the best out of themselves. Through matches, participants will also be able to receive an individual assessment.

Tennis for CdL Parents – Initiation and perfectioning ( Private lessons only)

This course will allow participants from all levels to learn or improve their tennis techniques in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere.